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When it comes to insurance claims, people are often unaware of the coverage their policy provides. When it comes to roof damages caused by wind or hail, most policies will provide coverage for such repairs. If your home has been damaged due to high winds or large hail, filing an insurance claim may be helpful in order to help cover the costs associated with such repairs or replacements.

Determining eligibility

Generally, homeowners must provide proof of the damages to their insurer before any work can begin and certain criteria must be met. The insurer will need evidence that the storm caused physical damage and was not just wear and tear from age or poor maintenance. Documentation such as photos can depict the extent of the damage in order for insurers to properly assess whether roof repairs are necessary and how much coverage should be provided. Our roofers can provide this information quickly.

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Having a reliable, professional roofing contractor on your side can be an invaluable asset when it comes to getting insurance claims approved, and ensuring that any necessary repairs are completed correctly. Rely on Moose Construction to get through these times. Call 919-497-2121.

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